Business Publishing

When businesses communicate clearly and effectively to their clients, and when there is no ambiguity in the messaging, all partners benefit. Clear messages are heard and understood the way they are intended to be heard and understood. This means goals can be set, priorities organized, and actions taken, which all lead to successful outcomes – for everyone.

Many business owners and their staff or partners are excellent at providing the services or products they are known for. But they often don’t have the internal expertise or time to create the presentations, documents, surveys, or spreadsheets to convey their information in a way that is clear, timely, efficient, effectively reducing their cost of doing business.

Messaging can take many forms. A slide presentation can either capture someone’s attention with just the right amount of information and interest, or it can be too wordy and dry. Creating meeting minutes, reports, newsletters, surveys, and blogs that are professional looking and have just the right amount of detail for maximum effectiveness, is an art.

We are expert in helping communicate through:

  • Compelling presentations (PowerPoint, Google Docs, Prezi)
  • Clear and effective Excel worksheets
  • Text-rich and graphic-rich reports
  • Corporate minute taking and reporting
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters (MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailList King)

Here is what some of our clients have to say about our business publishing services:

  • a great secret weapon for our organization
  • able to make us look much better than if we were left to our own devices
  • excels at translating an eight-hour meeting into a concise summary document
  • we recently flew Kim out to our west coast office, so we can maintain her high standards [of minute taking]
  • (another client) after testing other professionals at our U.S.-based office, we have, on a couple of occasions, elected to fly Kim out [Quarterly Advisory Board Meeting]

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What Our Clients Say

Business Publishing

“Kim is a wonder when it comes to creating or improving our Power Points.  I appreciate that I can give her a sense of tone or style (professional and serious; funny; tailored to engineers) and she finds the right graphics and look that works.  She has a great ability to clean up our slides – make them easy to view and easy to comprehend.  Other times she builds the presentation from scratch – I provide her content for each slide and she makes it happen.  Everything comes back improved and with a minimal of supervision.  She is a great secret weapon for our organization – effective in her time and able to make us look much better than if we were left to our own devices!”

Anne Bermingham2WA Consulting Inc.

Business Publishing

“With the introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) July 1st, 2014, it was important for us to ensure…compliance. Tandem Thinkers designed and delivered a creative and effective seminar to help us understand both the intent, and the protocols, for ensuring compliance.”

Genevieve Singh Manager, Communications - Town of East Gwillimbury