Building Teams

The Mentor Coach Program

The Mentor-Coach Program is a proprietary Tandem Thinkers response to the marketplace requirement for accelerating personal development. We have combined select attributes of mentoring and coaching; creating a cost-effective solution that enables organizations to quickly develop key personnel to increase their effectiveness in their roles. This Program does not replace the longer term need for mentoring and coaching processes. It has proven to effectively address tactical needs to ensure rapid development of key resources in a company. Business owners, and employees who have been recently promoted, or will be, or who have significant new responsibilities, especially in people management, are ideal candidates for our Program.

Tandem Thinkers principal Doug Leitch has decades of experience in both mentoring and coaching, with formal mentoring training coupled with experience-based learning. Doug began his formal mentoring role in the mid-1990s, mentoring up-and-coming leaders at IBM, and expanded that over time to volunteer and provide professional mentoring to small business owners and their teams throughout York Region.

Owner to Owner

Business success is about more than good products and good messaging. It’s about balancing working on with working in the business. Tandem Thinkers’ Owner to Owner service provides clients with a customized, regular checkpoint on business growth and milestone achievement  . With the most common option being quarterly or annually, clients use us to be a sounding board, a point of accountability on past goals and objectives, a source of fresh ideas and perspectives, and sometimes just to make sure they don’t get stuck working in their business instead of including the important balance of working on it. Tandem Thinkers is experienced in providing our Owner to Owner service on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

Tandem Thinkers knows that having a powerful strategy and plan and a focused sales model will position you for success, but one more critical component is needed to reap the benefits of your efforts: a strong owner and a strong team. We’d love to talk to you about our programs in context of your needs!

Master of Business Leadership (MBL)

Tandem Thinkers is delighted to partner with a very unique leadership development organization. Led by business expert Phil Johnson, the Master of Business Leadership program helps executives and their organizations get the results they want by developing their authentic leadership and emotional intelligence. As graduates of the program, both Doug and Kim know first-hand how MBL can provide new insights and perspectives on leadership, enabling greater effectiveness and positive outcomes in business and personal life. Doug was recently interviewed on the MBL channel and a podcast of that interview is below. If you would like to know more about MBL, click on the logo to the right for access to a program overview.

Listen to Doug featured on the MBL Minute Podcast

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What Our Clients Say

Building Team

“Mentor-Coach Program meetings are helping me a lot in terms of clarity of thoughts, planning and implementing ideas, taking up new challenges and overall making me a better and better manager day by day!!!Thank you so much.”

Shilpa ChoksiManager, Spectrum Institute

Building Team

“Thank you for your guidance and mentorship . . . couldn’t have done it without you. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you! ”

Marcus SchwanOwner, Music by Marcus

Building Team

 “Doug is a very experienced professional who has a lot of wisdom to share in mentoring and coaching.”

Felicia GiangualanoOwner, Golden Goddess Organic (Tanning Spa)

Building Team

 “The level of coaching and mentoring I got from Doug, I really appreciated. It was such a solid foundation for my business.”

Rachael SenjuleOwner, Love Lakeri

Building Team

“Doug provided insightful and positive coaching and mentoring, directly helping my business.”

Judith McCannOwner, Haptic Health and Chiropractic

Building Team

“With respect to Mentoring and Coaching, working with Doug was a positive, enjoyable experience.”

Kaitlin Hargrave Owner, Aurora Foot Clinic

Building Team

“Doug, you were amazing. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support and help!”

Carlin JessopOwner, Carlin Jessop Agency

Building Team

“I knew what I wanted, and I felt very good about the coaching and mentoring I received from Doug.”

Victoria FenningerOwner, Fenninger Racing

Building Team

“Doug was fantastic in terms of his ability to coach and mentor me.”

Heather GarriockOwner, Crown + Pride

Building Team

“I definitely benefited from the program. Doug was very prompt and insightful . . . I am a more confident leader and communicator.”

Deepak Perhar Manager, Spectrum Institute

Building Team

“. . . the interactive nature of the sessions and particularly the one-on-one feedback received from Doug . . . has all been phenomenal!”

Julie WilliamsOwner, Pretty in Pictures

Building Team

“Doug has a wide breadth and depth of experience in business, with a keen focus on what needs to be done. His dedication to supporting local businesses makes him an ideal mentor/coach for small business and entrepreneur. . .”

Eva GreffEnergy and Sustainability Consultant at NewSpring Energy