Building Strategy

Whether it involves defining, redefining your business or market Tandem Thinkers brings fresh thinking, innovation, and experience to the table. New business models, value propositions, and creative packaging are our core strengths. In four years, we have helped more than 200 businesses in virtually every sector, both established and start-ups, with the development of their strategy, business plans, and supporting financials.

We are expert at assisting in:

  • Aligning Vision and Mission with the Owner and Business
  • Market Research
  • Competitive SWOT Analysis
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Forecasting
  • Supporting Financials

There are many approaches and templates for business planning; some simple, some not so much. It’s not the template that matters, it’s the alignment. We are expert in the development of a business plan that’s built around owner alignment and client authenticity.

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What Our Clients Say

Building Strategy

“We retained Tandem Thinkers to build a business plan with supporting financials to both qualify and quantify a market we intend to enter. Part of our strategy included getting federal government support for the significant financial investment we would be undertaking. In about 5 weeks, Tandem Thinkers produced a document that we felt was solid, and we were delighted to hear feedback from the government that the business plan was extremely well written, that this was something they would want to fund, and inquiring if either my partner or myself had an MBA. Tandem Thinkers did a fantastic job and we would recommend anyone considering building or revisiting their business plan to call Tandem Thinkers.”

Stéphane DeschênesCo-Owner, AEC Daily Inc.

Last year we purchased a new business.  The business was already established with a large number of clients.  In order to introduce ourselves as new owners and to increase our client base we were looking for a small business grant from a government agency to assist in the launch. We consulted with Doug Leitch of Tandem Thinkers and we were impressed with his knowledge of the needs of small business. He was able to ascertain which grants were available to suit our needs. Firstly, he assisted the preparation of a detailed, comprehensive business plan outlining our mission, values, long and short-term goals. He guided us through market research to identify our advertising needs. Armed with a solid plan and strategy we completed the necessary application in concise but thought-provoking language. Thanks to Doug’s insights and strategy, we were successful in getting the grant.  Thank you for your assistance, Doug.

Jon and Linda ShawCo-owners Holland Landing Tax Company

Building Strategy

“I want to thank you for everything you have done to help me get to where I am. You are amazing at what you do!”

Stella GrinfeldFounder/CEO + Creative Director at STELLA GRAPHIX

Building Strategy

 “. . . Doug . . . enabled me to create a sound business plan based on realistic goals and a thorough evaluation of my business operations, sales, marketing strategy and sales forecast.”

Julie WilliamsOwner, Pretty in Pictures

Building Strategy

“. . . Doug is a great source of insight and opportunities for improvement. He doesn’t just provide opinions – he has points of view. His goal is to help businesses move forward and he believes that both urgency and joy are key ingredients for consultant-client relationships. Doug’s great sense of humour makes for easy work relationships and I will gladly recommend him to organizations that are serious about moving ahead.”

Evert AkkermanHR Director / Principal Advisor at XNL HR & Communications

“We retained Tandem Thinkers to manage a program for entrepreneurs for the last several years which has given Doug repeated opportunity to demonstrate his abilities in teaching, coaching, and mentoring entrepreneurs as the organize themselves and their business ideas into a sustainable plan. I have recommended Tandem Thinkers to other public organizations based on their abilities and contribution.”

Daniella MazzaferroSmall Business Consultant, The Regional Municipality of York

Building Strategy

 “. . . Doug approached the needs with passion and urgency, becoming a trusted advisor . . . as a solution provider and subject matter expert. . .”

Terry RussellPrincipal at Russell and Partners

Building Strategy

“Doug gave good advice and business strategy despite not being in a similar business. Always trying to help in any way.”

Samantha LahonenOwner, Samantha Lahonen Wellness

Building Strategy

“I score Doug 10 out of 10! He is like a guide, leading you but not telling you what to see!”

Nicole WestonOwner, Professional Lifestyle Services

Building Strategy

 “. . . Doug has the ability to fashion ideas and information and deliver them in reports and presentations to both business and community organizations in a compelling and understandable way . . .”

Dan Ruby Small Business Consultant at York Small Business Enterprise Centre

Building Strategy

“. . . Doug’s leadership . . .  proved to be pivotal . . . [and] . . .  demonstrated Doug’s skills in effective research, report writing, and building and delivering a compelling presentation . . .”

George SchrijverPrincipal at WCM Consulting Inc.

Building Strategy

 “Doug, thank you for your amazing contribution with helping me build my business plan . . . You really helped shape the foundation of my business, and truly taught me a lot.”

Rachael SenjuleFounder & Creative Director at Love Lakeri

Building Strategy

“. . .[Doug] was able to summarize the myriad of detailed information and present it to the committee in an understandable format. He also provided the . . . team with concrete suggestions on how they could engage the community in the process. . . . Doug’s skill sets are an asset to any organization.”

John Eaton Councillor, Town of East Gwillimbury

Building Strategy

“I finally finished my Business Plan! Your knowledge, writing and verbal skills are amazing. I have learned so much about how to do business and understand why my business was not progressing the way I wanted.”

Melva VillanuevaOwner at MVH Design

Building Strategy

 “. . . Thinking creatively, being a strong contributor, attention to detail, and commitment to success are only some of the attributes Doug brings to a project. . . .”

Bob Kyriakides Business Owner: Digital Hero

Building Strategy

“. . . I was impressed with Doug’s ability to synthesize complex community and . . . issues into a simple visual model, and at the same time pay attention to the details it takes to ensure success . . .”

 “. . . I recommend Doug as a great asset for any project requiring creative thinking, complex issues and involving multiple stakeholders . . .”

Francis Loughheed Management Consulting and Facilitation

Building Strategy

“[Doug has] . . . high business acumen and integrity, solid core values, experiential knowledge, responsible initiative and “deliver” within tight time lines. . . we leveraged Doug’s professionalism, relationships, and communications skills to package the story. . . Doug’s experience in economic development working with both the private and public sector has made him a solid asset.”

Gary Foch Member of the Board at GGEC

Building Strategy

 “. . . Doug brings a wealth of skills and relationships in both business and municipal government. . . . His professional drive and passion  . . .  make him a great asset . . .”

Cathy Nesbitt Business Owner: Cathy’s Crawly Composters