• Mutual respect, mutual goals, and focus on outcomes.

Helping You Your Way:

At Tandem Thinkers, we deliver just what you need. From high level advice, to working alongside you and your team, to rolling up our sleeves and getting it done for you, our Advise, Assist, and Accelerate model lets you manage costs and maximize value.

Kim Leitch

On the other side of Tandem Thinkers is Kim Leitch.  Her unique skill set allows her to work with authors, to make that book in their heart sing. Kim works with business owners and senior executives to deliver quality content that reduces their cost of sales and earns them new business. Both count on her for guidance and expertise in the development of their publishing projects.   Everything Kim delivers is with a knack for creativity, quality, and Fresh Thinking.

A Unique & Sought-After Skill Set

Kim combines her entrepreneurial spirit with strong editing, publishing, and grammar expertise, backed by exceptional computer technology skills.  Her unique mix of highly sought-after skills continue to delight both her business and author clients.

A Corporate Background in Communication and Technology

Kim’s years in the corporate world were an exceptional training ground for what would prove to be a successful career centred around desktop technology, in both program development, and product delivery. With a background of technical, sales support, and sales training at a global office technology corporation, Kim developed and perfected the ability to listen to, and communicate with businesses effectively, and leverage technology tools to deliver client results.

The Tandem Thinkers Connection

Kim’s success developed to the point of needing more resources to maintain her usual level of creativity, quality, and responsiveness. Additionally, she recognised the opportunity to provide clients with a broader base of solutions.  In an aha moment, Tandem Thinkers was born. Tandem Thinkers brought Kim and together in a business partnership as a powerful alliance of left brain/right brain thinking to creatively address the needs of a broad base of clients.

Doug Leitch

It’s all about Fresh Thinking:

On one side of the Tandem Thinkers connection is Doug Leitch. Doug works with small and medium business in to enhance or create your business plan and strategy, build your sales capabilities, and strengthen you and your team.

Experience from Big to Small

Doug has hands-on experience working with owners and senior executives of small business through to Canada’s largest corporations as well as with all three levels of government in Canada.  Doug brings his experience, energy, creativity, and a large network of business connections to Tandem Thinkers to provide a broad range of strategic and tactical services to support small and medium business.

Unique Problem Solving & Strong Implementation

Whether it was at home as a youngster, working a part time job as a teenager, on the job, helping a friend, or supporting a not-for-profit, Doug has always been able to put ideas together in unique ways to solve problems and enable new growth. The bonus is he can also roll up his sleeves to implement the ideas he develops, and those around him see him do it with a passion.

Extensive Background in Business Development

From the business experience perspective, Doug invested 30 years at a preeminent global IT company, the last 10 in national executive positions, with a focus on business development, sales, and marketing. He has always been recognized for innovative thinking with an ability to visualize new ideas and bring concepts to reality, which played a key role in his corporate success.

The Tandem Thinkers Connection

Post-corporate life, Doug continued to leverage his skills in strategy, planning, and sales. When brought a business challenge and proposal to Doug, he felt the timing was right for a change of direction. In an aha moment, Tandem Thinkers was born. Tandem Thinkers brought Kim and Doug together in a business partnership as a powerful alliance of left brain/right brain thinking to creatively address the needs of a broad base of clients.

What Our Clients Say About Kim

Business Publishing

“Kim is a wonder when it comes to creating or improving our Power Points.  I appreciate that I can give her a sense of tone or style (professional and serious; funny; tailored to engineers) and she finds the right graphics and look that works.  She has a great ability to clean up our slides – make them easy to view and easy to comprehend.  Other times she builds the presentation from scratch – I provide her content for each slide and she makes it happen.  Everything comes back improved and with a minimal of supervision.  She is a great secret weapon for our organization – effective in her time and able to make us look much better than if we were left to our own devices!”

Anne Bermingham2WA Consulting Inc.

Business Publishing

“With the introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) July 1st, 2014, it was important for us to ensure…compliance. Tandem Thinkers designed and delivered a creative and effective seminar to help us understand both the intent, and the protocols, for ensuring compliance.”

Genevieve Singh Manager, Communications - Town of East Gwillimbury

What Our Clients Say About Doug

Building Strategy

“. . . Doug is a great source of insight and opportunities for improvement. He doesn’t just provide opinions – he has points of view. His goal is to help businesses move forward and he believes that both urgency and joy are key ingredients for consultant-client relationships. Doug’s great sense of humour makes for easy work relationships and I will gladly recommend him to organizations that are serious about moving ahead.”

Evert AkkermanHR Director / Principal Advisor at XNL HR & Communications

Building Sales

“. . . [Doug] researched our competition, mapped our likely stakeholders and their respective priorities, and forged a compelling report and presentation out of the work. Doug’s ability to simplify complex issues, communicate key messages and link business and community priorities makes him a strong contributor wherever he engages.”

Dan StoneEconomic Development Officer

Building Teams – The Mentor-Coach Program

“Mentor-Coach Program meetings are helping me a lot in terms of clarity of thoughts, planning and implementing ideas, taking up new challenges and overall making me a better and better manager day by day!!!Thank you so much.”

Shilpa ChoksiManager, Spectrum Institute