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Professional Proofing, Copy-Editing, and Content Protection

Anything you publish – newsletters, books, contracts, blogs, marketing collateral, or communications; we ensure every word that leaves your business is professionally copy-edited, proofed, and documented.

Tandem Thinkers has extensive experience in many markets, including scientific, legacy, and partner publishing, meaning we know how to represent your written word professionally. We’ll source permissions, document references and bibliographies, and make sure your copyright work is protected.

Presentations and Reports

Your presentation should represent you – who you are, your image and style, and most importantly, your message, without unnecessary flash and distraction.

Tandem Thinkers has been engaged by many organizations to assist them in developing both presentations and reports. They chose Tandem Thinkers because they had an important opportunity and needed the deliverable to be professional, creative, and compelling for a client or audience.

Tandem Thinkers works with your end-goal in mind, building the message you are presenting to be relevant to your audience, and delivered with the style and emotion you want. That means just the right combination of key messaging and engaging, relevant flash. After all, it’s your message – and we are there to support you!

Presentation Skills

Sometimes you know what you want to express, but ensuring you are understood, and get the outcome you desire, requires more than content. Tandem Thinkers are experts in presenting. With over a thousand presentations under our belt, we are comfortable and accomplished in presenting one-on-one, through to a large conference venue. You can choose the level of support you want from Tandem Thinkers, from advising to building, through to presenting.

Additionally, there are times when you might find yourself in the presence of the media. Communicating is especially important due to the potential of you being quoted. Tandem Thinkers has taken courses on press training and has interacted with the press on multiple occasions as both spokesperson and subject matter expert. We help you to ensure clarity and provide positive visibility for your business.


Pick your platform – MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailList King; your communications represent you – your brand, your image, your message. We take your message, and package it for maximum brand recognition, coverage, and newsletter open rate. And, it’s not just about publishing content. Tandem Thinkers handles analytics, list management, and CASL compliance, to ensure your message has optimum reach.

Spreadsheet Modeling

While numbers and formulas are core to a spreadsheet, making one sing is all about creative design and ease of interpretation of the results.

Tandem Thinkers are expert in the development of iterative modeling, leveraging dashboards, illustrations, and charting, to maximize impact and simplify future use for our clients. Tandem Thinkers has experience helping clients with both internal and external tools that make a difference. We’ve assisted in modeling internally for clients in areas as diverse as product costing to corporate profitability.

We help you to be more effective with your clients through automated charts & graphs, and data analysis that makes porting to a report or presentation simple. Tandem Thinkers’ approach enables you to present your story in a way that keeps your audience engaged and wanting more.

What Our Clients Say

With the introduction of the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) July 1st, 2014, it was important for us to ensure… compliance. Tandem Thinkers designed and delivered a creative and effective seminar to help us understand both the intent, and the protocols, for ensuring compliance.

Genevieve SinghManager, Communications - Town of East Gwillimbury

…Doug approached the needs with passion and urgency, becoming a trusted advisor…as a solution provider and subject matter expert…

Terry RussellPrincipal at Russell and Partners

…Doug has the ability to fashion ideas and information and deliver them in reports and presentations to both business and community organizations in a compelling and understandable way…

Dan RubySmall Business Consultant at York Small Business Enterprise Centre

…Through Doug’s leadership and innovative thinking we were able to develop… cornerstone… solutions… and provide strategic ideas…

Bill OliphantVice President

…I was impressed with Doug’s ability to synthesize complex community and…issues into a simple visual model, and at the same time pay attention to the details it takes to ensure success…I recommend Doug as a great asset for any project requiring creative thinking, complex issues and involving multiple stakeholders…

Francis LoughheedManagement Consulting and Facilitation

…Doug’s leadership…proved to be pivotal…[and]…demonstrated Doug’s skills in effective research, report writing, and building and delivering a compelling presentation…

George SchrijverPrincipal at WCM Consulting Inc.

…Thinking creatively, being a strong contributor, attention to detail, and commitment to success are only some of the attributes Doug brings to a project…

Bob KyriakidesBusiness Owner: Digital Hero

Doug has a wide breadth and depth of experience in business, with a keen focus on what needs to be done. His dedication to supporting local businesses makes him an ideal mentor/coach for small business and entrepreneur…

Eva GreffEnergy and sustainability consultant at NewSpring Energy

Doug made himself available on very short notice… [and] … brought a combination of key skills to the team including a shared sense of urgency, strategy, creativity and a passion to win. His marketing and analytical skills strengthened our ability to create a powerful story. It was great to have Tandem Thinkers on our team.

Donna IngramManager of Strategic Initiatives, Town of East Gwillimbury

…I was impressed with Doug’s ability to synthesize complex community and…issues into a simple visual model, and at the same time pay attention to the details it takes to ensure success…I recommend Doug as a great asset for any project requiring creative thinking, complex issues and involving multiple stakeholders…

Francis LoughheedManagement Consulting and Facilitation

…[Doug] researched our competition, mapped our likely stakeholders and their respective priorities, and forged a compelling report and presentation out of the work. Doug’s ability to simplify complex issues, communicate key messages and link business and community priorities makes him a strong contributor wherever he engages…

Dan StoneEconomic Development Officer

…Doug brings a wealth of skills and relationships in both business and municipal government. …His professional drive and passion…make him a great asset…

Cathy NesbittBusiness Owner: Cathy’s Crawly Composters

…[Doug] was able to summarize the myriad of detailed information and present it to the committee in an understandable format. He also provided the…team with concrete suggestions on how they could engage the community in the process. …Doug’s skill sets are an asset to any organization.

John EatonCouncillor, Town of East Gwillimbury

Complimentary Test Drive

At Tandem Thinkers your first meeting is always on us. We want to listen, consider, and offer thoughts and ideas to validate we understand, and to help you to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

In the Community

Tandem Thinkers knows that a successful community is based on partnership with individuals, organizations, government, and business. Real success comes from working together. We are committed to sharing our time and talent to create that success.