Getting It Done

Program Ownership

Sometimes you need part of your action list out of your hair. You just want it done but you lack the time or resources. It's not about management, it's about ownership. Tandem Thinkers has stepped up to the plate many times, delivering our professionalism, high standards, attention to detail, and personal ownership of our client's project and programs, both short and long term. We have taken on projects and programs as short as a month, and up to a year and beyond, much to the delight of our clients.


  • Offloading a public sector organization of an entire program they had neither the resources nor time to own.
  • Designing, building, printing, and distributing a business directory for a national organization.
  • Being the "face" of a not-for-profit chapter to its membership, board of directors, and the international head organization.

Author Assistance

Do you have a book inside you? Where do you start? Is Legacy publishing the right way to go? Do you need an agent? What about the world of self-publishing? What is partner publishing? Our experience in all publishing platforms make Tandem Thinkers the right partner for your book project.

We are supported by a network of resources for all the important components of the publishing process:

  • Editing, copy-editing, and proofreading
  • Permission sourcing, and citing references
  • Post-writing, bring to market design and production, for both print and e-reader
  • And much more...

Each author, and genre has their own special needs and we can help bring your project to life with our experience, connections, and passion.

Executive On Call

It's all about bench strength. Sometimes businesses have the right people but not the time, other times it's the reverse. Tandem Thinkers is both experienced and competent at stepping in when you need, and then stepping out when you're comfortable. It could be as simple as a short term advisory role or as complex as a long term integrated ownership role on your leadership team.


  • Chief Operating Officer for an international software company
  • Marketing and Sales Executive for a waste re-purposing company
  • Marketing and Competitive Executive to assist and advise on a one month project