Doing Business Better

Marketplace Understanding

Whether it involves defining, refining, or redefining your business or market, Tandem Thinkers brings fresh thinking, innovation, and experience to the table. Qualifying and quantifying market potential for new product introductions as diverse as energy management, garden flagstone, and books, is one of our core strengths.


  • Assisted start-up businesses with the development of their strategy, business plan, and supporting financials for businesses in Information Technology, Health and Wellness, Art, Agriculture, Financial Services, Digital Marketing, Apparel, Workplace Safety, and Education sectors.
  • Linked multiple businesses to relevant business incubators, assisted with packaging their strategy and story, as well as the compelling reasons to ensure incubator acceptance.
  • Partnered with authors to ensure their books were published on the platform that was right for their message and their goals, resulting in successful engagements with each of Legacy, Partner and Self publishing houses.

Information Intelligence

In a world where the quantity of information continues to grow exponentially, Tandem Thinkers has successfully focused on helping our clients zero in on what's relevant to develop creative and financially sustainable programs and strategies. We are experienced in important projects like data mining, analysis, and the resulting discoveries that help organizations know their next steps. We also excel at complex projects such as discerning the global opportunity for a product, by country or region.


  • Developed a business plan and validated the model in the marketplace to prove a product designed for the Ethanol industry could generate revenue in the distillery and food sectors - and how much.
  • Re-focused a proprietary procedure designed for inspecting buildings, to the health industry, opening up an untapped market, and supported the proposal with a directed strategy to validate the concept and the market.
  • Ongoing, administers large and complex multi-year surveys, crafting the data into clear, compelling presentations that illustrate the health of the organization.

Dear Doug

Think differently, connect the un-connectable, relate the un-relatable. Dear Doug is a zero risk approach to understanding how Tandem Thinkers can be one of your most creative partners in your business. It's your perfect test drive! Here's how it works: Give Doug a call, let him know what's on your mind. Doug will connect with you for an hour or so and either give you the fresh thinking you were hoping for, or go away and come back with some. If you are not 100% satisfied, the $100 fee is completely refundable.


  • Why a lawn care professional needed to bring plumbing into the equation
  • Helping an entrepreneur to define a gainful marketplace for a unique wellness device
  • Why a software developer needed to re-think their value proposition
  • How an entrepreneur could fuse three disparate services into one seamless brand and the supporting branding imagery