About Doug Leitch

Doug has hands-on experience working with owners and senior executives of small business through to Canada's largest corporations as well as with all three levels of government in Canada. Doug brings his experience, energy, creativity, and a large network of business connections to Tandem Thinkers to provide a broad range of strategic and delivery services to support small and medium business.

It's all about Fresh Thinking.

Whether it was at home as a youngster, working a part time job as a teenager, on the job, helping a friend, or supporting a not-for-profit, Doug has always been able to put ideas together in unique ways to solve problems and enable new growth. The bonus is he can also roll up his sleeves to implement the ideas he develops, and those around him see him do it with a passion.

From the business experience perspective, Doug invested 30 years at IBM, the last 10 in national executive positions, with a focus on business development, sales, and marketing. He has always been recognized for innovative thinking with an ability to visualize new ideas and bring concept to reality, which played a key role in his success at IBM.

Post-IBM, Doug continued to leverage his skills and business network as an entrepreneur, focusing on bringing new, sustainable technologies to market. Creating value propositions for products never before seen was a perfect outlet for Doug's creativity and passion.

When Kim brought a business challenge and proposal to Doug, he felt the timing was right for a change of direction. In an 'aha' moment, Tandem Thinkers was born. Tandem Thinkers brought Kim and Doug together in a business partnership as a powerful alliance of left brain/right brain thinking to creatively address the needs of a broad base of clients.