About Tandem Thinkers

It's about how we partner with our clients - mutual respect, mutual goals, and focus on outcomes. It's about how we partner with each other - complementary skills, load balancing, and idea sharing.

Tandem Thinkers is committed to providing our clients with creative and effective solutions to help them increase their revenue, reduce their costs, and keep their customers happy.

Meet the Team

What Our Clients Say

Doug has a wide breadth and depth of experience in business, with a keen focus on what needs to be done. His dedication to supporting local businesses makes him an ideal mentor/coach for small business and entrepreneur...

Eva Greff, Energy and sustainability consultant at NewSpring Energy

In the Community

Tandem Thinkers knows that a successful community is based on partnership with individuals, organizations, government, and business. Real success comes from working together. We are committed to sharing our time and talent to create that success.

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